The Spinning Classes  are now offered as commuter options. Scroll down to SPINNING WITH AMY TYLER to view the separate class options.

                            Wedge Weaving Fundamentals 

(3 days)  Connie Lippert

Wedge weaving by Connie Lippert - "Ghigau"

Wedge weaving by Connie Lippert – “Ghigau”

In contrast to most weaves which are woven in a plane horizontal to the loom, wedge weave is woven on the diagonal. This results in a weft-faced weaving with many distinctive characteristics and exciting design potential.  Work on your own pre-warped loom to explore wedge weave through hands-on experience as well as with detailed handouts and images.

Skill Level:  Students should have warping and weaving knowledge.  Some weft-faced weaving experience is helpful.  This is a tapestry weave that can be woven on a floor loom, rigid heddle with good tension or a Mirrex loom.   Materials fee: $3.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed

It’s In the Warp:  Color and Design in Rep

(3 days)  Rosalie Nielson

Rep Weave Placemats by Rosalie Nielson

Rep Weave Placemats by Rosalie Nielson

Two different colored warps (a pattern colorway and a background colorway) combine with thick and thin weft to form the elements for exploring block design in warp-faced rep. Prior to the workshop, weavers will select a draft and pre-thread a loom. Weavers will learn how “blocks” of rep, threaded on four and eight shafts, can be combined to expand design possibilities. Discussions will focus on profile drafting, use of color, movement of blocks in independent and linked fashion, skeleton tie-ups, different threading systems, and design considerations for four shaft and multiple harness looms. Weavers will work exclusively on their own loom (4- or 8-shaft) to understand the weave structure of rep, sampling with different weight wefts to create textiles suitable for the table, wall, and floor.

Skill level: Advanced beginner to advanced.   Materials fee: $10.00 Class is Full

Equipment/ Supplies needed

         Three Resist Shaped Hand Felted Scarves

(3 days) Chad Alice Hagen

Felted scarf - Chad Alice Hagen

Felted scarf – Chad Alice Hagen

Spend three wonderful days creating three fabulous and warm hand felted scarves! We will learn to felt both fine Australian merino needle punch batts and roving along with learning different dyeing techniques for each of your scarves and easy, fascinating resist sharing techniques that actually change the texture and feel of the felt. Have lots of fun creating incredible fashion statements using odd bits of metal, clamps and rocks. We’ll be making the multi-colored Airey Faiery scarf, the exotic and mysterious Mokume (Bark) scarf and the sophisticated Bubble Boa. (No nuno felting)

Skill level: All levels   Materials fee: $55.00  Class is Full

Equipment/ Supplies needed

                          Basics of Rib Work Basketry (1 day)                             Mary Hettmansperger

Rib Work Basket - Mary Hettmansperger

Rib Work Basket – Mary Hettmansperger

Students will learn to make a small rib construction basket. Using Mary’s free form approach, she will guide students through a small woven leaf shape basket/sculpture. Using twigs, branches, round reed and willow for the frame and cane for the weavers, students will learn a variety of tricks to make this form of basketry fun, spontaneous, impressive and easy.

Skill level: All levels   Materials fee: $38.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed

Alternative Surfaces in Woven Jewelry (2 days)                                       Mary Hettmansperger

Students will learn a variety of unique surfaces using patinas, embossing, and colored pencils, paints and more. Students will also incorporate found items into the jewelry, allowing the pieces to become narrative and personal. A variety of weaving/fiber techniques will be used instead of soldering to connect and create the pieces. Students will use copper and some brass sheet metal for accent and a variety of found objects to construct their pieces. Students are encouraged to bring their budding ideas, and small personal found objects to discover the endless options for assembling and connecting. The goal is to find unique designs and approaches and use personal expression to create the jewelry during the workshop. Students will have a vast number of new and alternative approaches to surface and construction.Day 2 Mary H croppedSkill level: All levels   Materials fee: $58.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed

                                Mud Pies for Adults (1 day)                                     Anita Luvera Mayer

Mud Pies classThis class is for anyone who likes to play but wants limited rules! Each participant will complete a reference art journal notebook as you make small fabric samples using shaving cream, shibori, fabric crayons, paint sticks, marbled tissue, foiling, stamping and also make one shibori silk scarf. Stations for each technique will be available, so everyone has the fun of trying innovative ways for decorating cloth, wrapping paper, greeting cards and journals. This is an introduction to your creativity, along with an inspirational journal of ideas and instruction for future use.

Skill level: Novice to experienced.   Materials fee: $30.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed

                           Embellishing the Surfaces (2 days)                                                                 Anita Luvera Mayer                                                    

Embellishment purple AnitaExplore a variety of simple yet dramatic hands-on ways to individualize clothing and accessories using mirrors, innovative beading, wrapped rings and creative stitchery, including crewelwork. An introduction to the steps in creative design, methods of exploring color, and historic uses of embellishment will be an integral part of the class. You will complete an extensive reference notebook of samples and instructions, and have the opportunity to work with an assortment of yarns and fabrics suitable for embroidery. Anita’s wardrobe and items featuring these embellishments will be available for examination and inspiration.

Skill level: Novice to experienced.   Materials fee: $30.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed

DAY 1 and DAY 2 classes are now being offered individually as a commuter option.

The 1 day Learn to Spin class will be $90.00. This will include the class, lunch and the beverage service. No board included. There are several guilds that have spinning wheels to rent for a nominal fee if needed.

The 2 day Spinning with Commercial Yarns class will be $180.00. This includes the class, 2 lunches and beverage service. No board is included. If anyone is interested in lodging, we can taylor a package that includes the banquet and lodging.  

Class descriptions are below.

                     Beginning Spinning on the Wheel

(1 day) Amy Tyler

HPIM0673.JPGThis workshop is an introduction to the marvelous craft of spinning yarn on a spinning wheel. We will cover the parts of the spinning wheel and the basics of how it works. In the process of spinning “singles” from wool roving, we will practice how to draft fibers and how twist turns fiber into yarn. We will also practice plying singles together for a 2-ply yarn. We will discuss the basics of preparing fleece for spinning, care of your wheel, and finishing yarns. Participants will leave with a completed skein of their own handspun yarn.

Skill level: None to beginning spinning. You will need a spinning wheel in good working order. If the lack of a wheel will prevent you from taking this class, contact the Registrar. We will try to help you locate one you can borrow.   Materials fee: $20.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed

                    Spinning with Commercial Yarns

(2 days) Amy Tyler

HPIM1638.JPGThis workshop is all about spinning strategies for revitalizing your commercial yarn stash. Participants will explore ways to “re-spin” commercial yarns as well as ways to spin together commercial yarns and fiber. We will re-spin yarns to create “energized” yarns; we will cover several techniques for re-spinning and plying 2 and 3 and 4 yarns together. We will cover combining fiber and commercial yarns to create a variety of core-spun yarns; and we will explore ways of combining handspun singles with commercial yarns to create both smooth and textured yarns. The yarns you make with these techniques will look more awake, have more edge, and inspire you more!

Skill level: Intermediate spinning skills and very basic knitting or crocheting skills.   Materials fee: $30.00

Equipment/ Supplies needed