The Efficient Weaver – Laura Fry

Laura Fry throwing the shuttle

This class is for weavers who want to hone their physical weaving skills.  We will discuss good posture while working, explain ways to prevent repetitive motion injuries, share weaving hints and tips, discuss various equipment and ways to work with it in the most effective way possible.  Laura will demonstrate how to dress a loom, wind bobbins, pirns and quills, wind a warp and answer questions.  Participants are encouraged to record the workshop in any way they wish.  Participants will bring their looms and a wound warp (about 10″ wide, 16 to 20 epi) plus their tools for getting the loom dressed including warp packing.  They may also wish to bring additional yarns to practice winding warps to take home for later.

Working loom is required, no shaft limitations.  This class accepts all skill levels, new weavers welcome.  No materials fees.

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Nuno Butterfly Shawl – Jean Gauger

Shawl by Jean Gauger

In this 3-day class, you will learn how to make a Nuno Butterfly Shawl. Jean has been asked by many of her nuno scarf students to have this workshop. You will get all the tips and techniques that she has used to make your own unique shawl. The class covers the types of silks used, laying out with merino batt or roving, silk hankies, tussah silk, silk noil, bamboo and various novelty yarns.
The first part of the class will be spent exploring and examining different kinds of butterflies, their topside and underside and how different wool colors will change the color of your silk. You will also learn how to make the “eyes” found on some butterflies. We will make samples before moving onto the main project. This will help us to address any questions or concerns you may have early on in the process. This is a rather large project but with a 3-day workshop it will give you a good amount of time to plan and layout your project along with the felting and fulling process.

Nuno felting experience is required.  This is not a beginner class and the basics of nuno felting is not covered in this class.  Materials fee of $50 includes a Butterfly instruction booklet; supplementary wool, silk pieces and tussah silk to add to your main colors; and a package of black hankies for the butterfly veins.

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A Spinner’s Eye View of Colorwork Knitting Traditions – Kate Larson

Kate Larson’s Colorwork

Delve into the color stranded knitting traditions of Fair Isle, Norway, Estonia, and beyond. The historical context of each knitting community dictated a unique blend of materials, ideas, and techniques that evolved into the traditions we recognize today.  Handspinners can take an even closer look at how knitting techniques developed by understanding the fibers used.

More colorwork by Kate Larson

This class will help guide you through the process of choosing a fiber and yarn design for your knitting project, keeping track of gauge, and estimating fiber and yardage. We will discuss holding yarns for colorwork knitting , steeks, reading charts, and more!

Working spinning wheel is required.  Students must be able to spin a continuous yarn.  Some experience knitting in the round on DPNs. No previous colorwork experience necessary. Materials fee $35.00.


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Weaving 101- Mission Possible: Try Weaving and Complete Two Scarves – Jan Hewitt Towsley

Mission possible with Jan Hewitt Towsley

Accomplish two new goals, during this fun class: Participants will learn the basics of loom weaving (How does that yarn get onto a loom?) while completing two cotton or wool scarves. Students will select from a variety of color and yarn choices, prior to the class, so that the instructor can prepare customized warps.

Another Mission Possible

This class is for beginning weavers, or for those who would like to try weaving.  Students may opt to 1) bring a loom, offering the chance to continue weaving at home or 2) may use a loom, provided at a small fee by the instructor (limited availability).  Materials fee of $35-$45 will cover pre-prepared cotton or wool warps, weaving yarns and handouts depending on options. If you need to rent a loom the instructor has a few to share: 3 four-harness looms for $10.00 ea., and 3 rigid heddle looms – no fee. You will need to contact the instructor for availability once you have received confirmation of registration.

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“Planned” Color Surprises: Weaving with Variegated Yarns – Betty Vera

Why do we enjoy variegated yarns? They often amaze us by combining colors in surprising ways. Suitable for any weaver with sufficient experience to warp and weave on a harness loom unaided, this workshop is devoted to exploiting these color surprises—using random and planned variegated color in stripes, supplementary warps, double cloth, and a variety of classic weaves.

Variegated yarns for Betty Vera workshop

We examine the interplay between color and structure by threading each loom differently so participants can see what happens with color with a variety of threadings and warp colors. Everyone is encouraged to venture beyond their usual “color comfort zone” and experiment as much as possible, and then design a personal project to finish weaving at home after the workshop. Warping and threading instructions for 4- and 8-shaft looms are provided in advance so that everyone arrives with their loom ready for weaving; participants also bring their personal weaving tools and a few weft yarns.

Working loom is required, 4-8 shafts.  Students must be able to warp a loom.  A $15 materials fee covers handouts and additional yarns provided by the instructor.

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Cathead and Gourd Baskets – Liz Andraso, class is cancelled, sorry